What’s the wallet address?
A wallet is a digital location for your cryptocurrency to be stored. Each coin has a certain wallet provider. The wallet address represents a randomly generated combination of digits and letters. To exchange your cryptocoins, you need to have a wallet address.
What is refund wallet address in Coinswappy?
During the exchange of crypto coins, if something goes wrong then your coin will be refunded to your refund wallet address.


What is Cryptocurrency?
A Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency.Virtual currency is a digital representation of value that functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and/or a store of value.
ex - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple
What is the price of the Reliance Jio coin?
There is no virtual currency created by Reliance Or JIO.
Every website which claims are fake websites, which would like to scam you with your hard earned money. Don’t deposit your money to these websites.
Creating a new currency or holding an ICO in India is illegal.
How do I start trading cryptocurrencies as a beginner?
  • Start your journey with minimum amount which you can afford to loose.
  • Make sure to research about the coin you want to invest.
  • Keep your eye on market to know the value of coins.


What is coinswappy?
Exchange Cryptocurrency at the Best Rate by getting the best offer from all the exchanges at one place.
What are the features of Coinswappy?
  • One of the best feature of Coin Swappy is super easy.
  • It will give you best exchange rate from popular exchanges.
  • Coin Swappy is integrated with the safest exchanges to ensure the security.
  • Coin Swappy gives an analysis of coins to help you to make best decision for yourself.
How can I swap my BTC to ETH at Coinswappy ?
The swapping process of all the cryptocoins is common at coinswappy. You can check out following blog to understand coinswappy.
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